Why Choose 203khud.com

Why experience matters

Jack of all trades, master of none – applies to 99% of mortgage lenders in the market. They take a shotgun approach to lending. Most lenders will attempt to offer all products to all customers. We are different, we believe that to truly excel and provide the best customer service experience possible you have to specialize in a niche. Ours is renovation lending and it is our entire focus.

Instead of knowing a little about everything, we know everything about our niche. Over the past 16 years we have seen nearly all the unique renovation scenarios, from impossible, to difficult, to slam dunk; we’ve seen it and closed it. There are very few, if any, mortgage lenders with the training, knowledge and experience with renovation financing that our team possesses.

That’s why we chose in 1998 to focus on, and master, ONE mortgage niche – RENOVATION FINANCING

There’s a reason why very few even offer renovation loans with even less that place their entire focus on them. Mortgage lenders, real estate agents, residential contractor, and appraisers. All need to be specially trained and equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to bring your renovation dream to fruition.

Use our expertise, our renovation connections, our knowledge and leverage your assets all while creating YOUR dream home.

Why use a renovation loan

Making the utmost of Your Investment – rather than paying retail price for changes made by the previous owner, invest in improvements that fit your personal tastes and lifestyle needs.
Earn Additional Equity – Professional installers do the work, and you can earn “sweat equity” in the process.
Get More Home for Your Money – Take advantage of the excellent prices for homes that need repair and remodeling, then make the improvements you feel will provide the greatest value for you and your family.
Superior Financial Constancy – Rather than having a drain on your budget for major repairs later, you improve your home up-front by financing those improvements over time at an inexpensive rate.
Investing for Your Future – You can use these loans to purchase a 1 to 4 unit property or convert a 1 unit to a 2 unit etc… allowing you to renovate a home that also brings you rental income as an excellent long-term investment.
Better Locations — Great buys can be found in older, well-established neighborhoods, offering excellent schools, shopping, employment and other amenities close to these homes.

Incredible home ownership opportunities

The Renovation Lending Niche helps families purchase and/or refinance their existing home. It provides an avenue to renovate their home to your dream home. In most areas of the United States, homes for sale through foreclosure, short sales, and older out dated homes are available at reduced prices, because of condition. Many of these houses have not been maintained or updated.

These homes are also often priced very competitively to reflect their need for repair and modernization. In fact, more than 80% of our national housing stock was built before 1990. This means that over 100 million homes are more than 20 years old and would benefit from some amount of renovation!

Unfortunately, many buyers are unaware of how to successfully finance both the sales price of the home and the renovation cost required or desired to the home.

  • Would you like to take advantage of a terrific purchase price on a home that’s needs some renovation?
  • Have you missed buying a home in a prefect location, because you were not know legible of how to finance the repairs and improvements needed?
  • Learning how you could relish a new home that echoes the lifestyle and personal tastes without paying retail price for a home in “perfect” condition?
  • Even thought of purchasing a fixer upper or handyman special? Well this loan allows you to earn “sweat equity” by managing the repairs and remodeling that will increase value of the home?
  • Would you like to buy an older home and make improvements to increase its energy efficiency and lower your costs of ownership?
  • Enjoy the opportunity to own more home for less money? Or a home that is better suited to the needs and lifestyle of you and your family?
  • Does the renovation process of dealing with contractors seem overwhelming and cause additional anxiety?
  • Are you willing to invest in the experience to be in a better position down the road with the most important investment you will likely make in your life?

We can help Via

  • Educating you on your financing options
  • Enlightening you with current information on the selection of loans available
  • Defining your goals and helping you identify opportunities
  • Analyzing the property condition by third parties
  • Coordinate the development of construction specs and construction process

One Loan, One Closing, One not so perfect house = Your Dream Home

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